Our Journey of Faith

Our church family has had a lengthy journey since the two churches on the circuit (Lisburn and University Road Churches), recognised over thirteen years ago, that something different and radical had to happen if we were to survive and be enabled to develop the Church’ s Mission relevant to the twenty first century.

  • The two churches on the circuit united as one church family/congregation in 2003.
  • The church property on the University Road site in Belfast was sold.
  • The Church property on the busy Lisburn Road in Belfast was demolished to make way for a new purpose-built church and suite of halls which would more readily equip the church to fulfill its mission in the twenty first century.

Prayer Room ceiling

The work on the new Church and Agape Centre finally commenced in December 2010 and the new building was handed over to us at the end of March 2012 – just in time to hold the first service in the Church on Easter Sunday morning and then the official opening six weeks later at Pentecost, both very enriching and uplifting experiences.

The journey thus far had been a long and very demanding one, but we recognised that we were simply at the ‘end of the beginning’ and that a new challenging and exciting journey lies ahead as we work as a church family and with others to ‘serve the present age, our calling to fulfill’.

In the past years a very large number of people from diverse backgrounds have entered our doors and we continue to explore new ways of reaching out to the community around us.